• Moe Darling Mcleod, 57, of Ilwaco, Washington, was arrested on Wednesday morning for felony assault in the fourth degree, disorderly conduct in the second degree and criminal mischief in the second degree. The incident that led to Mcleod’s arrest took place Sunday afternoon outside Safeway in Astoria and stemmed from comments from Mcleod’s husband about an “Abolish ICE” sticker on the victim’s vehicle. The victim filmed the incident and shared it on social media.


• Cherilee McAnelly, 47, of Warrenton, was arrested Wednesday afternoon at 19th Street and Bugle Road in Warrenton for robbery in the first degree, theft in the third degree, assault in the fourth degree and resisting arrest. The charges stemmed from an incident involving McAnelly allegedly shoplifting and exhibiting violent behavior at Walmart, leading to a police pursuit. Officers used pepper spray in detaining McAnelly.