• Lynsi Jewell, 35, of Warrenton, was arrested Saturday on S.W. Harbor Place in Warrenton for assault in the fourth degree, menacing and strangulation.


• Chase Daniel Rusinovich, 23, of Astoria, was arrested Saturday on Bond Street in Astoria for harassment.

Attempting to elude

• Samuel Alvin Darling, 46, of Portland, was arrested Friday on U.S. Highway 30 for attempting to elude police officers and reckless driving.

• Robin Deen Richardson, 68, of Gearhart, was arraigned Friday for attempting to elude a police officer, reckless driving and recklessly endangering another person.

Unlawful vehicle use

• Jeremy P. Barber, 43, of Gig Harbor, Washington, was arrested Saturday at the foot of 22nd Street in Astoria for unlawful use of a motor vehicle.