• Monica Lynn Terrell, 58, was arraigned Wednesday for assault in the fourth degree and harassment.

Attempted assault

• Scott Martin Laforce, 40, of Warrenton, was arraigned Wednesday for attempted assault in the second degree, unlawful use of a weapon, criminal mischief in the first degree, two counts of menacing and disorderly conduct in the second degree.


• Timothy Tylor Scovill, 27, of Astoria, was arraigned Wednesday for robbery in the third degree, interfering with a police officer, escape in the third degree and theft in the second degree.

Computer crime

• Anthony James Wagner, 26, was arraigned Wednesday for 14 counts of computer crime, five counts of forgery in the first degree, five counts of theft in the first degree, 14 counts of identity theft, nine counts of theft in the second degree and five counts of forgery in the second degree.

Meth possession

• William Berkley Waddell, 51, was arraigned Wednesday for unlawful possession of methamphetamine.

Disorderly conduct

• James Robert Kieweg, 29, was arrested Thursday on Ninth and Astor Street in Astoria for disorderly conduct in the second degree.

• Kevin Coats, 55, was arrested Wednesday on the New Youngs Bay Bridge for disorderly conduct and giving a false name to a police officer.

Unlawful entry

• Olavi Nauha, 25, of Astoria, was arrested Wednesday on Eighth Street and Astor Street in Astoria for unlawful entry into a motor vehicle.

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