Police searching for Astoria man connected to multiple burglaries

Jesse Pitts

Astoria Police are searching for Jesse Allan Pitts, 32, Astoria, a suspect in several burglaries who has a warrant out for his arrest for failing to appear in court.

Pitts was arrested in November for two counts of first-degree burglary after being seen in houses and porches around the 200 block of West Duane Street, West Exchange Street and West Grand Avenue. Police said he has recently been seen in the same area known as the south slope neighborhoods.

In November, Police found Pitts in an attic at a vacant residence at 197 Hume Ave. He was arrested and booked without incident for a felony warrant and the two counts of burglary.

Police learned from neighbors that the Hume Avenue residence was only occupied part time, and would be a prime location for Pitts to break into.

Prior to Pitts’ arrest, police received reports from part-time residents who found evidence that someone had been living inside their residence. In one case, police said, Pitts had broken through an interior wall. In another case, a resident came face to face with Pitts in their basement.

Anyone who has seen Pitts is asked to contact local law enforcement and provide information about where he can be found.

Astoria Police can be contacted at (503) 325-4411. The current cases are being coordinated by Officer Matt Clausen. His email is mclausen@astoria.or.us

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