Popular go-kart track reopens in Long Beach

Hillary Trusty and Jaxon Allen, 7, took a test drive on Tuesday.

LONG BEACH, Wash. — The past two weeks have been a feverish race of repairing, repainting and replacing. On Friday, however, Fun Beach Speedway reached the checkered flag as owners Glenn and Hillary Trusty opened for their first official day of business.

By 1 p.m., more than 250 riders had fulfilled their need for speed, Glenn Trusty said. The price is $10 per session, which lasts about five minutes and equates to about 10 laps. Double occupancy go-karts are available for $15. The height requirement is 54 inches. A smaller, “junior track” is available for younger drivers.

Twenty-four glistening gold go-karts neatly line the track that has undergone an overall makeover the past few weeks.

“The track was always known for being a fun track, it just wasn’t always known for being the safest,” Trusty said.

Initially, a lot of attention was focused on cleaning up glaring issues at the facility, but repairs and improvements to the track and equipment have been extensive, albeit less apparent. The facility was closed after an April drug raid targeting the former owner.

The most obvious change is the go-karts themselves.

“All the carts are band new,” Trusty said. “They’re state-of-the-art for safety.”

They purchased 20 single carts and four double carts from J & J Amusements based in Salem.

“They’re local, American-made carts,” Trusty said. “That meant something to us.”

Each go-kart has been calibrated to the same maximum speed and outfitted with four-point harness belts.

“I won’t say the speed they’re set at, but I will say they are as fast or faster than the carts that were here before,” Trusty said. “You can drift the corners.”

A lap typically takes about 30 seconds. Along the track are safety improvements — including new, spring steel railing. A system that can control the carts’ speed remotely has also been installed.

“If there’s an accident on the track, we can stop everybody by pushing a button,” Trusty said.

A pit gate was also added to give the pit crew more protection. At night, racers will be able to see better under brighter lights since a new LED light system has been installed.

“We’ve made a lot of changes for safety for the public and staff,” Trusty said.

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