An arbitrator has awarded the Port of Astoria $10,000 and interest in its lawsuit against Henry Tomingas, who the agency claims did not pay for moorage at North Tongue Point.

The Port claims Tomingas, registered owner of the Wilderness Explorer, agreed to pay $936 a month in moorage in November 2015 but since September 2016 had refused to pay $10,000 worth of moorage fees.

Tomingas, who lives in Alaska, argued the Wilderness Explorer was chartered to California-based education and science nonprofit Mountain and Sea, the responsible party for all costs associated with the vessel. He also blamed the Port for run-down conditions at North Tongue Point causing damage to the Wilderness Explorer. The Port recently left the facility, now owned by boatbuilder Hyak Maritime.

A judge assigned the case to arbitration. Tomingas refused deposition and as a result was not allowed to present evidence during the arbitration.

Along with the $10,000 in unpaid moorage, the Port was awarded 9 percent interest per year on the judgment, along with $5,991 in attorney fees and $1,562 in arbitration fees.

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