RiverZen opens new yoga studio in Ilwaco

Peggy and Dave Stevens, owners of RiverZen Yoga and Resistance Studio, pose for a photo inside their new location located at 177 Howerton Way at the Port of Ilwaco. Hatha yoga, resistance stretching and pilates are some of the services offered.

ILWACO — Peninsula residents looking to practice yoga will now have an option along the Port of Ilwaco. RiverZen Yoga, owned by Peggy and Dave Stevens, has opened a new location at 177 Howerton Way offering yoga, stretching and meditation sessions daily.

“A lot of our Astoria members live in Ilwaco,” Peggy Stevens said. “They’ve been asking for years to open a facility over here.”

Hatha yoga, resistance stretching and pilates are just some of the new classes being offered at RiverZen Yoga and Resistance Stretching Studio in Ilwaco. The Stevens are offering 14 different classes currently with more anticipated to added in the coming weeks.

“The hatha and gentle yoga classes are going to allow people to stretch and find balance, at their own pace,” Peggy said. “Resistance stretching we’re stretching a muscle that’s already contracted.” Instructors at the new location include Minda Morris, Sally Anderson, Mario Wilson, Chandra Stevens and Catherine Al-Meten.

“Each instructor offers something different,” Dave said. The new location is an extension of the original location on the waterfront in Astoria. “Part of what dictated us coming up here was the location — the space has the same feel as our Astoria locations,” he said. Members are welcome to attend sessions at either location.

“In 2012 we opened the studio in Astoria, and that’s when the rest of this all evolved,” Peggy said. “It’s been humbling some of things we’ve been able to accomplish with the cooperation of our clients and instructors. The welcome has been amazing.”

For more information, visit riverszenyoga.com.

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