With improved run forecasts for certain salmon species, but below average runs predicted for others, summer and fall salmon fisheries on the Columbia River will be a mixed bag this year.

Retention of adult hatchery Chinook from the Astoria Bridge to Bonneville Dam opens on the river on June 16 and will continue through July 5 downstream of the dam and upstream of the dam to the Oregon and Washington state border through July 31.

Because of forecasts of below average runs for sockeye salmon, retention of sockeye and hatchery steelhead in both areas will be allowed but with a reduced bag limit.

With predictions for a higher number of upriver bright Chinook, the fall Chinook retention season starts Aug. 1 and will last longer than in recent years. Regulations vary by river section, however.

Hatchery coho retention will be open throughout the fall season due to a much-improved run forecast.

But protective regulations will once again be in effect for 2021 fisheries because of the low forecast for upriver summer steelhead. Anglers will be limited to one hatchery steelhead for their daily bag limit and there will be area specific closures, among other restrictions.