SEASIDE — The Shilo Inn in Seaside owes the city more than $45,000 in hotel room taxes.

Seaside wants to collect and has filed suit in Circuit Court. With penalties and interest, the total sought is more than $58,000.

Shilo Inn

Seaside has sued the Shilo Inn over back taxes.

According to the complaint, Shilo Inn “continues to withhold the payment of these taxes, notwithstanding numerous demands” by the city.

The city also seeks reasonable attorney’s fees.

This isn’t the first time Shilo Inn has fallen behind on taxes.

In 2016, Seaside sued the company for delinquent taxes of more than $112,500. Shilo Inn paid out almost $146,000 in back taxes and penalties.

Earlier this year, Warrenton sued Shilo Inn after more than $130,000 in lodging taxes, penalties and accrued interest went unpaid.

Representatives of Shilo Inn did not respond to requests for comment.

R.J. Marx is editor of the Seaside Signal and covers South County for The Astorian. Reach him at 971-320-4557 or

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Garrett Vance

This is maybe why there super gorgeous/dated (in a fun way) restraunt with the AMAZING view went under for WASP-Y family/screaming kids chucky cheese-ish Mo's restaurant.

william furnish

If it is an un-paid bill that can (and has) been collected through a court judgment, why does the City not shut off water to the hotel (after notice , of course)?

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