SEASIDE — An event for entrepreneurs who are looking for new ways to invigorate and sustain their businesses in a changing marketplace is planned in September.

Hosted by Seaside Yoga, the event, from Sept. 26 through 28, is called “Partnering With the Soul of Your Business.” It will consist of programs conducted by established professionals that will provide tools and techniques for growing businesses.

Along with discussions about developing and growing a business, attendees will share wisdom and best practices with other business owners. They also will have time to relax in Seaside.

Seaside Yoga received a tourism grant from the city of Seaside to host the event.

“Our aim is to satisfy the natural yearning for connection and growth deep within these pioneering professionals by convening a gathering enhanced by a location with natural splendor that will help them recharge, refresh, stretch and thrive,” said collaborator Sallena Pool.

Entrepreneurs expected to attend are developing businesses like yoga studios, health food stores, alternative education programs, organic restaurants, wellbeing centers and nonprofit organizations. They also will include service practitioners, including health professionals, consultants, life coaches, nutritionists, motivational speakers, writers, environmentalists, advocates, activists and more.

They view themselves as change agents ushering in a new era of business and new ways of being. They believe that business can become a healing force for the world when it is an authentic expression of one’s highest purpose, Pool said.

One of the keystone activities of the event will help entrepreneurs name and claim the deeper value of their work by coming into right relationship with the soul of their business, Pool said. “Right relationship” with one’s business sets the stage for the blossoming of everything else – like any other long-lasting relationship, she said. Participants will glean insights into their creative genius, gain new observations about what makes them unique, who they are best called to serve and the keys to accessing their full power in their great work, Pool added.

“The drive for meaningful work is changing the marketplace. Progressive innovators around the world are giving birth to fresh ideas and new open-minded approaches to small business,” she said. “These trendsetters are illustrating new visionary possibilities and are incorporating technology that allows their businesses to be viable on a worldwide platform.

“In many cases what has worked before no longer serves small business owners, and it’s an opportune time to bring fresh trail-blazing strategies to creative businessmen and women,” Pool added.

Discounted “plus one” tickets are available until Sept. 1. For more information or to purchase a ticket, visit

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