Bergerson Construction site

The Department of State Lands is contemplating selling 15 acres at the south end of North Tongue Point.

The Department of State Lands is exploring the sale of 15 acres along the Columbia River at North Tongue Point after an application by Bergerson Construction to buy the land for storage.

The 15 acre plot is on the southern end of North Tongue Point, the industrial dock owned by Hyak Maritime. It sits along a deepwater side channel of the Columbia River with access to a finger pier.

The southern half of the property is occupied by a former Navy landfill, fenced off, capped and kept in perpetual restoration.

The deed restrictions essentially eliminate any chance of the property ever being developed, unless all the buried contaminants are dug up and removed. The state could decide to partition the property off and sell only the northern, developable half.

Bergerson Construction had long leased land on Pier 3 and the central waterfront from the Port of Astoria until being squeezed out last year to make more room for Astoria Forest Products’ log exports.

The company relocated to North Tongue Point, where it leases from Hyak and stores equipment just north of the landfill. But Hyak also has plans for expansion, creating a boatbuilding and shipwright center.

Greg Morrill, the president of Bergerson, said the company would like to have control over a piece of property. “It’s making sure we keep flexibility for our operations,” he said.

The State Land Board will decide Tuesday whether to begin due diligence on partitioning and selling the property. Bidding would be open to the public.

Edward Stratton is a reporter for The Daily Astorian. Contact him at 971-704-1719 or

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