Calling all collectors.

Twenty vendors from across Oregon and Washington state are coming to Astoria for a comics and collectibles swap meet on Saturday. Fans of comic books, vinyl records, toys, memorabilia and other kinds of collectibles will be able to buy, trade and sell items.

Swap meet

A swap meet for collectors is planned at the Masonic Lodge.

Funds will go toward repairs at the Masonic Lodge on Franklin Avenue, where the event is being held.

Quinn Allan, the organizer of the event, said visitors can expect a wide range of unique collectibles, including vintage clothing, Disney memorabilia and several independent comic books.

“If you are into high-end collectibles, there should be some of that,” Allan said. “But if you are a kid and want a cool Hot Wheel or an old Star Wars toy or something for five bucks, there is going to be that as well.

“But if they are into something completely different that is not toys or comics, there will be a lot of other people selling different kinds of things.”

While a ticket costs $3, the event will also offer a $5 early bird rate for “those really savvy and avid collectors that really want to get in there first and try to snatch all the good stuff before it’s gone,” Allan said.

Since the swap meet is a brand new event, Allan said he has no idea what to expect.

“If I can see 200 people walk through the building the entire day, I’d feel like it was a smashing success,” he said.

While Allan believes the swap meet is an exciting addition to the collectible community on the North Coast, he anticipates drawing people from Portland and beyond.

“This is for the local community, anywhere from Clatsop County. I would love for people to come and hang out and just check it out,” he said. “But, because I knew more people from Portland in that market, I definitely tried to pull some of that.

“I’ve got people coming from Seattle to table. Hopefully the Pacific Northwest in general starts to hear about it and if we make this a regular thing, it might be something that people look forward to.”

When Allan used to visit a comic book store in Astoria over a decade ago, he said it always seemed well-stocked and popular. Whether or not that community still exists, he is not sure. Regardless, he thinks the timing might be right for attracting curious customers.

“I think people are hoping to have some semblance of a summer where they get out and get to do something,” he said. “It was kind of a time-and-place kind of thing. I feel like there is this new wave of energy in Astoria, particularly right now, and people are just down to try new things and get out there and experience things.”

The swap meet will be selling hot dogs, chips and soda for people to snack on while browsing the vendors’ tables.

“Hopefully, it’s going to be fun for the whole family,” Allan said. “I wanted to try to provide something for everybody.”

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