Three friends with a shared passion for art – Jacob Bond, Lindsey Oyala-Bond and Andrew Bond - have opened Archimedes Gallery, Cannon Beach’s newest place to admire diverse creativity.

Located upstairs at the Second and Larch Street commercial complex, the gallery is gearing up for an opening reception Saturday.

Art was always part of the trio’s lives.

Brothers Jacob and Andrew Bond met Lindsey Oyala at the University of Oregon. Jacob Bond majored in art while Andrew Bond pursued a degree in environmental studies.

“Art has always been a main interest of my life,” Andrew Bond said. “I did some art installation in college, and it really caught my attention.”

While not an art major, Andrew Bond said his background in environmental studies gave him a deeper understanding of art from nature.

Jacob Bond and Lindsey Oyala, a native of Cannon Beach, began dating, and the trio formed a fast friendship. The more the three talked, the more they knew they wanted to be in business together.

“I grew up here and always knew I wanted to run my own business at the beach,” Oyala-Bond said. “It’s tricky finding something that will thrive year-round.”

After Jacob and Lindsey married, they moved to Cannon Beach where Jacob eventually bought Voyages Toy Company in Sandpiper Square. When Andrew Bond joined them on the coast, the three began to make plans to find a location for an art gallery.

The 900-square-foot upstairs location became available after a proposed yoga studio backed out of moving into the spot.

“We’d been seriously thinking about it for two years,” Andrew Bond said. “When this spot became available, we knew it was time to jump in.”

The name “Archimedes” was Oyala-Bond’s idea, taken from the name of Merlin’s owl in the movie “The Sword and the Stone.”

Opened in late July, Archimedes Gallery features pop surrealism, contemporary, urban and “lowbrow” artwork.

The trio splits the duties evenly, with Andrew and Lindsay handling most of the gallery’s day-to-day routines. Jacob Bond, who calls himself a “nonpracticing artist,” handles many of the design concepts.

Collecting the diverse artists that make up Archimedes’ roster is a true group effort, one that is a favorite part of the team’s routine.

“Lindsay and I each have different styles that we like,” Andrew Bond said. “We’ve each worked at creating contacts with artists we admire. We each have our all-stars.”

Featured artists include Tiffany Bozic, a classically trained painter who captures the intricacies of nature’s struggles. There is also Blaine Fontana, a painter who combines symbolism and religious myths. His works include images familiar to Pacific Northwest residents, including Mount Rainier and Mount Hood.

“It took us about a year of planning to loosely line up the caliber of artists we wanted,” Andrew Bond said.

“We wanted to introduce new art to this environment,” Andrew Bond said. “That was the fun part.”

More artists will be coming soon as Archimedes expands its offerings.

“We’ve had a great response,” Oyala-Bond said. “We want to keep it new and add more contemporary stuff.”

Archimedes Gallery will present “Flora Fauna,” an opening reception from 4 to 9 p.m. Saturday. The show will feature artists Dmitri Swain, Nicole Gustafsson, Lauren Roth, Linda Kim and Roland Tamayo.

For more information on the show, call Archimedes Gallery at 503-436-0499 or send an email to


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