Warrenton is offering a $500 reward for information about graffiti spray-painted at Warrenton City Park and a kayak dock on the Skipanon River.

The graffiti was found on Monday morning on a dugout and on a large Conex box used for storage. There was also graffiti on the pedestrian ramp leading to the SE Second Street kayak dock.

People with information can contact the Warrenton Police Department at 503-325-8661 or use the online tip line at https://www.ci.warrenton.or.us/police/webform/criminal-tips


Vandals spray-painted graffiti at Warrenton City Park.

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Warrenton Warrior

I had a chance to catch up with Warrenton city officials today. For the record, they are much more concerned about the poor quality of the vandalism, than the actual presence of vandalism itself. More here: https://warrentonwarrior.com/2019/07/25/warrenton-oregon-street-art-a-critical-review/

Warrenton Warrior

The Warrenton Warrior interviewed the Warrenton Chief of Police and Mayor, who agree that the vandalism isn't the big problem here. It's the poor quality of the graffiti that has local officials concerned. https://warrentonwarrior.com/2019/07/25/warrenton-oregon-street-art-a-critical-review/

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