Westport couple accused of sodomizing their child

Bethany-Ann Jacob

WESTPORT — The parents of a 2-year-old girl are accused of being sexually inappropriate with her multiple times within the past two years.

Mackully Anthony Jacob, 21 and Bethany-Ann Jessup Jacob, 21, of Westport, are both accused of first-degree sodomy for alleged oral sex with their daughter on two occasions since Jan. 1, 2013.

At about 9 a.m. Jan. 3, Longview (Wash.) Police responded to St. Johns Hospital in Longview where Mackully Jacob arrived at the emergency room with his parents and admitted to hospital staff that he and his wife, Bethany-Ann Jacob, had inappropriate relations with their daughter.

Mackully Jacob had made suicidal statements and admitted to the sodomy to his parents prior to arriving at the emergency room, according to a Longview Police report.

He told police the inappropriate action happened twice in one night at their home on Old Mill Town Road in Westport while he and his wife were high on Adderall. The incident happened in May 2013 when the girl was about 9 months old, police later discovered.

“I need to go to jail for what I’ve done. I’m crazy, I need counseling,” Mackully Jacob told police at the hospital.

Longview Police arrested and booked Mackully Jacob Jan. 5 on a fugitive warrant, filed by Clatsop County District Attorney’s Office.

Clatsop County Deputy District Attorney Ron Brown said the extradition process is underway to have Mackully Jacob transferred from Cowlitz County Jail to Clatsop County Circuit Court for arraignment.

Meanwhile on Jan. 5, Clatsop County Sheriff’s Office arrested and booked Bethany-Ann Jacob at her home in Westport on the sodomy charges.

She is scheduled to appear in Clatsop County Circuit Court at 1:15 p.m. Tuesday for an arraignment. She was indicted Thursday by a grand jury for two counts of first-degree sodomy.

She told the Sheriff’s Office that she and Mackully Jacob had been married for two years and decided to get married in part due to her being pregnant with their daughter, according to the incident report. She claims they split up a week ago.

While they were high on Adderall, Bethany-Ann Jacob said, Mackully Jacob would talk about molesting their daughter, the report said. Those types of comments compelled her to take their daughter and run away to Idaho in June 2013. She got a restraining order against her husband while in Idaho.

When asked by an officer about the couple sodomizing their daughter, Bethany-Ann Jacob got emotional, started to cry and said she felt guilty for a long time, the report says.

“Yes, it did happen. I hate myself,” she said.

The 2-year-old girl is staying with Mackully Jacob’s parents in Columbia County.

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