World Kite Museum offers workshops

Kay Buesing, emeritus director of the World Kite Museum, examines an enormous kite of the type workshop participants will learn to make in February.

LONG BEACH, Wash. — Long Beach Peninsula-based World Kite Museum is announcing major changes and upgrades, plus the first of its 2015 workshops.

The museum’s facility upgrades include addition of the WKM Theater, an audiovisual media room that will better accommodate field trips and tour groups. In addition, there are updated and refreshed exhibits, including a new and complete collection of WSIKF annual posters, as well as technology and crucial facility maintenance and upgrades.

This year for the first time, the museum will also oversee the Washington State International Kite Festival, as well as host a number of workshops and new annual fundraiser event.

Over President’s Day Weekend, Feb. 14 through Feb. 16, Rod Beamguard will lead a workshop that will offer enthusiasts the chance to build “Not A Peter Lynn kite, another design by John Freeman.” This “mountainous” kite stands 8 feet tall and 6 feet wide, allowing builders to test their skills with appliqué work and a variety of color combinations.

New museum features will make their grand debut at “A Night at the ‘Kite’ Museum,” March 7. The evening will include the grand unveiling of the complete Washington State International Kite Festival Annual Poster Collection and the Grand Opening of the WKM Theater. Up for auction will be specially designed kites embellished by local artists.

The museum will host Spring Break Family Fun March 22 through April 20.

Those wishing to contribute to the legacy of the World Kite Museum may do so at

To learn more about the World Kite Museum, contact Holli Kemmer, development/events director, at 360-642-4020.

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