ELSIE - The Camp 18 Loggers Memorial Dedication and Logging Exhibition will be held Saturday, May 12, at the Camp 18 Logging Museum. The event is free of charge and fun for the whole family.

Founded by Maurie Clark and Gordon Smith in the 1970s, the Camp 18 Logging Museum is a popular spot to stop on the way to the coast and see the spar tree and big logging equipment from years gone by. The museum has grown over the years, and through generous donations of time and money, the Camp 18 Logging Museum Loggers Memorial was completed in 2009. The building houses a bronze statue of a timber faller and contains logging memorabilia from many local families as well as more than 300 plaques commemorating loggers who have died. The 2012 Loggers Memorial dedication begins at 10 a.m., with about 20 new plaques to be dedicated.

Many local loggers will compete in the third annual Logging Exhibition, as well as high school teams from Knappa, Scio, Sweet Home, Vernonia and Philomath. The high school teams work hard to help keep the logging industry alive. The forestry teams compete in logging events and study all aspects of forestry, including biomass, timber harvesting, silviculture and forestry engineering. These programs help prepare students for careers in the industry and serve as college preparation for those going on to study forestry at the university level. A highlight of last year's event came during the competition between the top local rigging crew and the best of the high school teams. "The students did a great job," said event coordinator Mark Standley, "and would have won if their teacher hadn't dropped the pin out of the block during the climbing portion of the relay. The crowd loved it and had a great time watching all the competitions."

Team registration starts at 9 a.m. and the exhibition begins at 11 a.m. Events include tree climbing, choker setting, splicing, double bucking and the hook tender relay race. There will be a tree falling competition and a log loading competition. Come test your skills or just watch the loggers in action and take a tour of all the great old-time logging museum equipment.

There will be food booths, hats, license plate frames, T-shirts and sweatshirts for sale. Volunteers are needed. For more information or to volunteer, contact Mark Standley at (503) 434-0148, logsafeinc@yahoo.com, or Darlene Wilcoxen at (503) 728-2050, darlene.wilcoxen@yahoo.com. Camp 18 is located at 42362 U.S. Highway 26 (milepost 18) east of Seaside.




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