An interview with Scott Neimann, Manager of Always! 99¢ Superstore 909 South Holiday, Seaside (503) 738-0600

The Always! 99¢ Superstore in Seaside opened on July 22. Manager Scott Neimann says the store buys products from more than 50 suppliers and offers many different products, including food items, at the 99-cent price.

What products do you offer?

"This is our first 99-cent store. We offer many highly consumable items and a variety of general merchandise items."

What is your business philosophy?

"This store, it is not a normal dollar-type store. We have carpeting and glass shelves; we try to give a better value for the 99-cent price point. We buy items that are higher end in every category so the customer gets the best value possible for 99 cents. We want to run a good store with as quality a product as we can with the 99-cent price image."

Who are your customers?

"Everybody. Locals, we need everybody. We have products anyone can use; tools, groceries, many different items. Ninety-nine-cent stores are unique. We have lower income ... and upper income customers. Everyone likes to save money. People leave happy."

How do you market your products?

"It's been pretty easy. So far, we haven't done any advertising. The initial response was overwhelming. It took five months to fill the shelves and only two days to empty them."

What is your volume?

"We're above our projections. This area is very seasonal and highly influenced by tourism. We haven't experienced much of a drop. We have probably two full load trucks in a week."

- Sara Alsbury


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