An interview with Jayne Bailey, owner of Bailey's Bakery and Café, 26910 Sandridge Road, Nahcotta, Wash.

Visitors to Nahcotta, located amidst the oyster beds of the Long Beach peninsula, come for wildlife watching, cycling, history, and the peace and tranquility of remote Willapa Bay. They also come for Jayne Bailey's fresh baked goods and lunches. The store is open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Thursday through Monday. For more information, call (360) 665-4449.

Tell us about your bakery.

"We do fresh, on-the-premises baking of bread and pastries. We use our baked goods in our lunch menu and sandwiches. I use organic products from sustainable farming practices when at all possible. This place has a very cheery, warm atmosphere. We have an open kitchen and it is very casual.

People come in for espresso and conversation. I decorate with art and photography from local artists. We share this historic building with the Nahcotta Post Office. Nahcotta has a very different atmosphere from Long Beach or Ocean Park. It is very beautiful here and quiet."

What is a favorite here?

"People come back on a daily basis for the scones. Our fresh baked cookies are also popular, as are the sandwiches. We have freshly baked breads, brownies, bar cookies and biscotti. On Sunday we feature Thunder Buns for $3.50. These are buttery, rich, not-too-sweet, melt-in-your-mouth sticky buns. We also have our soup du jour and clam chowder on Fridays."

Tell us about the soups and sandwiches.

"We have vegetable, bean, lentil and a large assortment of soups. I usually have a sandwich special. We have panini Italian sandwiches with ham, salami, mozzarella and provolone cheeses, olive tapenade and olive oil. We also have grilled chicken breast, smoked turkey, grilled portabella mushroom and grilled pastrami."

Do you have other specialties?

"We have some that are seasonal and reflect the region. When in season I make rhubarb lemonade and pastries with local blackberries."

How long have you been here?

"I have worked in the food industry on the peninsula for 18 years. I have given cooking classes and have done some catering. I had the Back Porch Garden Café for two seasons. It featured outdoor seating, all open air. It was very seasonal. I opened here two years ago."

What can you tell us about your volume of business here?

"We have steadily increasing growth since opening two years ago. I am hoping for a good year because we are now featured in Best Places Northwest. It is a guide to a lot of high quality places. We have many repeat customers. How many and where they come from I don't know. They come from all parts of Oregon and Washington and make this a destination for their visit to the peninsula. I see more volume on the weekends. I always recognize the faces so most are repeat customers."


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