An interview with Sheryl Schisler, owner of Contractors - Business and Financial Management Services LLC., P.O. Box 58, Ocean Park, Wash.

Between shuttling her daughter to cheerleading and her son to basketball in Ilwaco, Wash., and her day job handling new accounts at the Ocean Park Bank of the Pacific, this financial manager makes time for her own business of bringing financial services to job sites and offices in Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington. For more information, call between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday through Friday (360) 665-5275 or cell phone at (360) 607-1380 or e-mail to (

What do you offer businesses in this area?

"I offer financial and management support for sub-contractors and contractors. When someone starts a business in construction their first thoughts are not about the off-site daily activities such as invoicing, accounts payable, accounts receivable, bookkeeping, payroll, liens, construction draws, advertising, off-site receptionist, blue print copying, job-site portfolios, paralegal services or preparation for an IRS, Department of Revenue or a Labor and Industry audit. My service handles these financial needs so the proprietor can simply concentrate on their business."

What do you do for a new business?

"I help find the type of business structure that best suits the client's needs. The need may be as a Sole Proprietorship or maybe an S Corporation or maybe an LLC. I take away the headache of obtaining the bond, insurance and contractors license. My specialty is taking care of what the contractor needs. For example, a roofing business may need to get the proper licenses. Most people don't enjoy filling out building permit applications, calling for inspections or making appointments to bid on jobs. I take care of that. I can also set up and manage Homeowner Associations and I serve as a liaison between contract and legal services and I handle insurance concerns."

Do you have an office in town?

"I meet the client at the job or build site. This is actually an advantage for my clients. With no employees, no overhead or office rent, I can keep my rates low. I charge just $25 an hour for my services. When someone calls my home office they should leave a message. I will return the call during morning or evening hours."

Has the economy affected your business?

"New construction is down but business has been good for the handy-man. People now have to choose between new gutters or feeding their children. Remodeling now makes more sense than building new."

What is your volume of business like now?

"Right now I have 15 on-going businesses that I work with. I put in 20 hours a week with my current client base and I also have room for more. This is my third year with this business and it was profitable the first year. With my job at Bank of the Pacific and my activities with my 11 and 14 year old kids, I put in 10 to 12 hours every day, working until 10 to 11 each night. I'm keeping busy."

Do you have a message for someone looking for remodel work?

"There are a lot of unlicensed, unbonded handymen around doing work for half price. If the job goes unfinished or is not done correctly, there often is no recourse for the home owner. Pay a bit more to know that your investment is protected."

Do you do tax returns for individuals?

"I prefer to process tax returns for individuals with sole proprietorship businesses, and my expertise is construction. I am not able to process returns in an hour and get someone a quick refund. Right now I am working about two weeks out."


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