An interview with Phil Pitts, owner of Pitts & Sherman Hardwood, Inc., 35373 Hwy 105, Astoria, Oregon 97103

Since 1990 this business was known as Phil Pitts Hardwood Co. It is now incorporated, with the addition of Bill Sherman as a partner, hence the name change, but the business offers the same quality service.

Hardwood floors used to represent way too much work compared to carpets, but according to Pitts that just isn't true any longer. With the finishes on today's wood floors, maintenance is at a minimum; just dust mopping is needed. People with allergy problems might consider installing hardwood floors instead of potentially troublesome carpeting.

Pitts says someone is usually in the shop by 8 a.m., but advises folks to call ahead. For more information call (503) 325-3084l

What do you offer your customers?

"Complete wood flooring service. We specialize in restoration."

What is your busiest time of year?

"Summer is usually busier. Then of course the holidays when people want their floors to look nice."

How far does your customer base extend?

"From Oysterville to Manzanita."

What can you say about the volume your shop does?

" It's doubled in the last year and it has increased every year. We've gone from 1 to 4 employees."

Tell me about your business philosophy.

"If I wasn't comfortable inviting someone into my home, I wouldn't hire that person."

What is the most difficult part of your business?

"I'd have to say keeping up with all the paperwork."

What do you want people to know about your business?

"We do all phases of wood floors. We're very experienced and use up-to-date techniques and products. We can make an old floor look new."

- Patty Hardin


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