An interview with Stephanie Stone, owner of SK Stone Photography in Warrenton, (503) 861-1792

Stephanie Stone, owner of SK Stone Photography, started taking photos in a high school photography class. She didn't have a previous interest in photography, but it came naturally to her. After working at one-hour-photo and with a local photographer, Stone started her own photography business three years ago. She has plans to convert to digital imaging in 2004.

What is the best part of your job?

"Getting to be with so many different people. It is a blessing to be part of important times in people's lives. To be able to interact with all kinds of people is really important."

What is your volume?

"Not as much as I'd like it to be. In the past year I've done four dances and 12 weddings. A lot of weddings I do are with young to middle-aged adults on their first or second weddings. I've only done a handfull of different portraits. I'd like to do more senior portraits. It is really exciting to be around them when they are so excited about life and making plans for their future. It is neat to see that sparkle in their eye and capture it in a picture."

How do you market your product?

"Mostly on the Internet. I have a home page and I register with search engines. Customers can view proofs online at ("

Who are your customers?

"A lot of high school students; I just did Warrenton High School's homecoming on Saturday."

What is your business philosophy?

"I just want to help people look their best. I don't want to control, I like to talk with the client about what they might be uncomfortable with. There is something about every bride that is beautiful and special."

- Sara Alsbury


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