Angered by the presence of pickles on his hamburger, Brian Ray Schumacher of Astoria returned to the McDonald’s on Marine Drive in May to complain.

But it turned ugly, according to Astoria Police, and he has been held in Clatsop County Jail since then on charges of second-degree assault, reckless driving, hit-and-run and disorderly conduct.

On Tuesday, Schumacher pled no contest to one count of third-degree assault and one count of fourth-degree assault after negotiating a resolution with the Clatsop County District Attorney’s office. The rest of the charges were dismissed as part of the plea deal.

Schumacher pled no contest to backing his car into the manager of the McDonald’s, who was taking down the license plate after Schumacher reportedly swore and yelled at employees in the restaurant. The moving vehicle caused “serious injury” to the manager’s knee, according to Ron Brown, chief deputy district attorney.

Another employee tried to hold on to Schumacher’s vehicle and get him to stop, according to police reports, but was thrown from the car as he drove on.

By accepting the charges and conviction, Schumacher will likely face probation at sentencing, according to Judge Philip Nelson during Schumacher’s hearing. He has been in jail since his arrest May 1.

If his probation is violated, however, he could face up to 20 months in prison for his third-degree assault conviction and up to a year for the fourth-degree assault conviction.

Schumacher will be sentenced in Clatsop County Circuit Court at 10:30 a.m. Oct. 3.


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