Tongue Point Job Corps Center hosted Robert Marquardt, founder and chairman of the board of Management Training Corp., at the center this week.

Touring with Marquardt were his wife Annette, John Pederson, vice president of training programs, and Eli Lopez, regional vice president.

"It's like having your favorite uncle visit from far away," explained Nancy Pyburn, center director, "You want to show off a little to make sure he knows how well the program is working, but at the same time you want to keep quiet and just listen to the inspiration he has to share."

While at Tongue Point, Marquardt toured the center, stopping to visit with students in their vocational training areas. He was treated to a luncheon created by culinary arts students complete with crab-stuffed salmon and blackberry cheesecake. During lunch, he shared his inspirational story of career success and praised the program at Tongue Point Job Corps Center by calling it a "role model in education."

Earlier in the week Marquardt visited MTC Works, which is administered by Management Training Corp.

"The energy he brought with him was contagious," said Joyce Jones, workforce specialist.

While at MTC Works, Marquardt praised the agency for its new youth mentor program and their innovative work helping juvenile offenders earn money to pay restitution to the state. Marquardt also praised their new Personnel Security Training program, explaining that security careers would always be in demand and urging a continued focus on the security industry.

Marquardt founded MTC in 1980, as an outgrowth of the Education and Training division of Thiokol Corp. A specialist in areas of job training and education nationwide, MTC is now the U.S. Department of Labor's largest Job Corps contractor. Locally, it administers the Job Corps program at Tongue Point Job Corps Center, and operates MTC Works, a job training and placement service. MTC is also a key player in the corrections and business property management industries with properties across the United States, Australia and Canada. MTC is headquartered in Centerville, Utah.

Before founding MTC, Marquardt was group vice president of Thiokol Corporation's Education and Training division, which he also founded. He was director of Thiokol's medical division and aerospace divisions. He is a leader in conservation projects, developing parks, museums and community projects through private-sector partnerships with all levels of government, business, community boards and foundations.

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