MANZANITA - Mindful of their store's loyal customer base, the new owners of Coastal Living of Manzanita plan to retain the shop's flavor while expanding to offer florist service, among other additions.

"Sonja did a great job," said Barbara Davis, who, along with her daughter-in-law Erika Schiffer, recently purchased Coastal Living, located on Laneda Avenue. She referred to Sonja Moon, founder and former owner of the business.

"Customers are sad she's leaving. We'll carry on in the same tradition, but while reflecting our own personalities." One way in which Davis and Schiffer intend to inject their own style is by featuring potted houseplants, such as "ivies and interesting topiaries," noted Davis. They will also sell and deliver cut flowers and bouquets.

Meanwhile, Coastal Living customers will continue to find what they expect, including toys, souvenirs, jewelry and dishware and other items for entertaining. "We sell gifts for men, women and children, of every price range, for locals and for tourists," said Schiffer. They are open to suggestions. "We're going to see what our customers want, and try to provide it."

Davis and Schiffer will get to know their clientele while becoming better-acquainted with North Tillamook County.

"We're very new to town," said Schiffer, who lives in Manzanita with her husband, Kris, and their three children, all Nehalem Elementary School students. The family moved here from Albuquerque, N.M.

Schiffer learned that Coastal Living was for sale when she saw an ad. "It was perfect timing - we'd only been here a week," she said. "I thought, 'Barbara and I need to do this together.'"

Davis concurred. "We like the same things," she said. "We agree quickly on what we want to sell."

Davis, who divides her time between Manzanita and Portland, will continue to do marketing and business development for a trade show management and event company while helping to run Coastal Living.

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