Medix Ambulance Service is encouraging Clatsop County residents to subscribe to LifeCare, a membership service that provides unlimited emergency medical transports for a low annual fee.

Medix owner J.D. Fuiten says that many local residents have already taken advantage of the program in the 15 years it's been offered. Fuiten says subscribers have come to depend on their annual membership without the worry of meeting healthcare insurance deductibles and copays that rarely cover all the costs of emergency ambulance transport.

At $49 per household per year, LifeCare membership assures that there is no out-of-pocket expense for what potentially could be costly, medically necessary ambulance trips. With LifeCare membership in place, Medix simply bills a subscriber's insurance and accepts what they send as payment in full. For an additional $35 per household, membership includes LifeFlight air ambulance transport.

For example, a ground ambulance transport by Medix Ambulance Service from a residence in Seaside to Providence Seaside Hospital costs the patient approximately $746.50. An average insurance policy will pay around $425 for transport, but if the patient's deductible has not yet been met, he or she owes Medix for the full amount. With LifeCare membership, the patient's bill from Medix is nothing.

LifeCare members are covered for as many ground ambulance transports throughout Oregon as are needed within the subscription year. LifeFlight services cover Clatsop County, the rest of Oregon, Washington and Idaho. The program covers a subscriber's immediate family and anyone in the household who is a dependent. Significant others are also honored.

"A membership can mean the difference between maintaining your lifestyle and financial hardship," stated Marlowe Castell, marketing director at Medix. For a free analysis of your insurance policy and more information on LifeCare and LifeFlight membership, call Medix at (503) 861-5557.


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