Oregon Public Broadcasting

A series of 11 meetings over the next two weeks aims to answer questions about the tsunami debris from Japan that's likely to wash up on the Oregon Coast.

The meetings start on Wednesday in Seaside and Bay City, and conclude on the 20th in Cannon Beach. Portland and Eugene are the only cities not on the Coast to host the tsunami debris workshops.

Scientists say that debris is most likely to arrive between this fall and next spring. Melissa McDonald directs the non-profit, SOLV, one of the groups behind the workshops. She says the tsunami debris is expected to resemble junk that washes up normally. And she says there's little reason to worry about radioactivity.

"The issues with the Fukushima plants didn't happen until after that major wall of debris came over into the ocean in the first place. And then, it's been in the ocean for such a significant amount of time that the radioactivity would've dispersed," says McDonald.

McDonald says people who come to the meetings will have a chance to question federal officials and scientists with the state Department of Environmental Quality and the Oregon Health Authority, among others.

This story originally appeared on Oregon Public Broadcasting.