Council approves Parks Advisory CommitteeSEASIDE - Ken Meiser is off the Public Safety Committee in Seaside less than two weeks after joining it.

Meiser was chosen as the Seaside Chamber of Commerce's public safety representative Oct. 26. He originally intended to keep serving on the committee. However, after resigning as executive director of the chamber Oct. 29, he also submitted his resignation to the committee.

Seaside City Council is looking for a new chamber representative for the committee and for a citizen representative on the Landmarks Commission. Those interested are encouraged to contact City Hall at 738-5511.

The council unanimously approved the Parks Advisory Committee, which was formed to implement the Parks Master Plan by seeking funding resources, getting the public involved and improving Seaside's parks. The committee may also work to improve park restrooms, picnic tables, benches and playground equipment.

The council reported the library site selection is waiting on Kevin Cupples, who is on vacation. Cupples will present his findings on the three preferred sites at a later date.

Councilor Larry Haller also reported on the recovery of Councilor Stubby Lyons, who has been hospitalized for surgery. Lyons is home and expected to be on bed rest for six to eight weeks.

"He looks a lot better than the last time I saw him," Haller said.

He said Lyons thanks the community for their cards and prayers.

In other business, Thugz off Drugz director Alan Evans asked the council to put Methwatch signs at the north and south ends of town.

"We'd like to put up a sign that states you do not come here to do drugs," Evans said.

The council approved the signs unanimously, and city staff will work to put them up. Evans said children in Seaside are dying from drug abuse, and the community must do something. He wants to hand out forms to everyone in Seaside for reporting suspected drug use or sale.

Frustrated citizen Bob Cook asked if anything could be done about drug dealers. Evans said it is important to report them to the authorities.

"The police department observes, dwells on it, talks about it and months later something happens - maybe," Cook said.

Evans, who freely admits to using and selling drugs in the past, said the police can be effective, such as when they arrested him.

Thugz off Drugz will hold its second Chemical Awareness Community Challenge 3 p.m. Friday at the Bob Chisholm Community Center at 1225 Avenue A in Seaside.

"I'd like to introduce you to my daughter," Evans said. "She's 10 months old, her name is Samantha, and this is the reason we do this."

Samantha gurgled.


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