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Film director, Michael Moore dropped in on Occupy Portland Monday and told protests to stick with their message.

"It's important to remember that the majority of the country is with you. Often times it doesn't feel that way. This is really what America looks like. The majority of your fellow Americans now come down on many issues, the way that you have fought and struggled for so many years. The vast majority of Americans are against these wars and they wanted them ended right now. And that's the country you live in," Moore said.

Moore spoke hundreds of people gathered at Terry Schrunk plaza. He stressed he was not a spokesman for the Occupy movement. He told protestors not to give up.

Moore is on a tour to promote his new book "Here Comes Trouble."

He has made appearances at Occupy movements in Oakland, Los Angeles and in New York on Wall Street.

In Portland, it's been a busy weekend for protesters.

Early Sunday people were arrested at Jamison Square Park in the Pearl District. Police say they refused to leave despite being asked to do so multiple times.

A split has also appeared in the movement.

Early Monday morning, a group of several dozen protesters moved into Terry Schrunk Plaza, one block south of the main group.

"That's not our movement anymore. Only 30 percent of the people over there are even doing anything -- volunteering helping out. The rest of them are drinking, getting high and causing problems. We're not letting that over here. We've already kicked people out. Sorry. You can't be over here. No drugs. No alcohol. No "belligerentness." No fighting. We're ready to take our protests back," Jones said.

Jones says she's a first year law student at Lewis and Clark. She says officers from the Portland Police and the Department of Homeland Security told her that she and other protestors will be arrested if they stay at Schrunk Plaza. Even though having an arrest on her record could interfere with her plans to become a lawyer, Jones says she's willing to take the chance.

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