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Federal agents told the jury Thursday about the sequence of events on the day Mohamed Mohamud allegedly intended to detonate a bomb in downtown Portland.

Mohamud's main FBI contact was an undercover agent going by "Youssef". He told the jury about the final preparations, hours before the Christmas tree-lighting where Mohamud allegedly planned to set off a bomb. The device was actually a harmless fake made by the FBI.

Youssef told prosecutors Mohamud seemed happy. Youssef found himself nervous. Why? For Mohamud's outcome, Youssef said. He said the two had built a relationship, to carry out Mohamud's plan.

Defense attorneys built their cross-examination by outlining what Mohamud was responsible for - choosing the site, using a truck to deliver the bomb, picking parking spaces. Then the attorney confirmed what the FBI was responsible, like actually getting a truck, designing and building a bomb, and planning the day's logistics.

Federal defender Steven Wax played surveillance tape intended to show operatives asking Mohamud how he came to think about plotting a violent act.

Each time, Mohamud talked about his religious feelings. He didn't answer directly or mention a plot. By the eighth time the agents asked him when he started thinking about it, he said, since our last meeting.

This story originally appeared on Oregon Public Broadcasting.

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