"I have been scouting since I was a Wolf in Cub Scouts, about 10 years ago," JACKSON MEYER of Seaside wrote to the Ear. "Last year I was a Life Scout, the last rank before Eagle, and I was not even looking close to doing an EAGLE SCOUT PROJECT. I was unmotivated and procrastinating." 

After his mother and uncle prodded him along, and he thought about it a while, "the choice of what to do was easy," he said. "I have always looked for animals at the Seaside mill ponds, and my dad always took his students there - why not build some awesome benches so that they can have a nice place to sit?

"I got the consent from every person I needed before I took action. I then drew up some plans for two benches, got those plans approved ... and I was on my way. I only needed about $375. I was going to have to do a fundraiser, but then I got a very generous donation from PROBUILD and WESTWIND LANDSCAPE SUPPLY." Fellow Troop 642 members DAVID HOTH and DOUG LARKINS helped build the two benches, which were built, braced and installed over the course of three weekends.

Pictured, top, from left, Jackson and his scoutmaster, MIKE SHADE. Pictured, bottom, from left, HUNTER BEAUDOIN of Troop 839, Jackson and DALTON AGALZOFF, also of Troop 839, who helped install the benches.

Once the plaques were installed, his Eagle Scout project was done. The only problem Jackson encountered was digging the holes to stabilize the benches. "The ground at the millponds was hard as rock!" he said.