NASELLE, Wash. - Steve Quick, principal of Naselle's K-12 schools, is resigning his post.

The action follows an investigation into undisclosed concerns by the Naselle-Grays River School District Board.

On Monday Quick, who has served as principal for three years, was placed on administrative leave. His status was announced at a Naselle staff meeting the same day.

"I can't discuss it," said Superintendent Gerald Schmidtke before a Tuesday night school board meeting. "It's a personnel issue."

Efforts to reach Schmidtke for elaboration this morning were unsuccessful.

It is against policy for the school district to elaborate on reasons for personnel decisions because of clauses in employee contracts, he indicated Tuesday.

School board member Bill Coop said this morning that students were not in danger and the reason for Quick's departure was not anything involving financial issues. "I'm kind of limited as to what I can say," he said.

The Naselle School Board discussed the issue in executive session Tuesday night.

Quick began work at Naselle in 1995 as a teacher. Before the meeting Tuesday, he said he would be leaving. "I'm just resigning," he said.

Though Schmidtke said he could not comment on the reason why Quick was being removed, he said the circumstances have been under investigation for a period of time. He also speculated that Quick would leave the area.

"I enjoyed my time immensely at Naselle," Quick said. "Can't really complain about my time here. It's a really great school."

Dr. Glen Nutter, who has served as a principal at the Naselle Youth Camp for several years, will fill the principal duties for the rest of the year. Nutter had already put in his resignation for the end of the school year and is only a short-term fix.

"It's just to fill in the rest of the year," said Schmidtke. "I believe he's going to Africa and spend a year down there."

The district is expected to open the position for applicants shortly.

"I think that the district is trying to follow the proper rules and regulations as far as handling the matter," Schmidtke said Tuesday. "We're taking every effort so that it is handled properly."

The superintendent added he hopes it will be a smooth transition. "It hopefully will not affect any children and everything will be fine."