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Fluoridation opponents have produced a list of more than 200 Portlanders, allied with the medical profession, who oppose fluoridating the city water supply.


Clean Water Portland hopes to convince voters to reject a May ballot initiative that would bring fluoride to Portland's water.

Kellie Barnes is a physical therapist who says other methods of improving dental health should be considered before introducing fluoride.


"We are all medical professionals here, with a great deal of training. Let's face it. Science changes before policy. There is a lot of relevant research showing reasonable basis for concern."

The group includes 6 dentists, 18 MDs, 55 naturopaths, and 49 acupuncturists.

Dr. Phillip Wu is a pediatrician affiliated with the pro-fluoridation campaign.

"You can put together a list of anyone within a given profession that will disagree with mainstream evidence and recommendations."

Wu says what's important is the vast majority of health care providers and scientific organizations support fluoridation based on clinical studies.


This story originally appeared on Oregon Public Broadcasting.

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