Nearly 100 candidates met Thursday's deadline to file for election to the 38 boards and commissions with seats up for election.

Voters in the various school districts, fire districts, water and sewer and other service districts will chose representatives in the May 20 mail-in election.

Here are the candidates who filed for seats on some of the district boards. All the races are for four-year terms unless otherwise noted.

Clatsop Community College

Zone 1 Position 1 - Laura Harris

Zone 2 Pos. 4 - John Compere, Paul Gillum (incumbent), Emily Henderson, John Meyer

Zone 3 Pos. 6 - Marilyn Lane (incumbent), Robert Stricklin

Zone 3 Pos. 7 - David Shannon

Astoria School District

Pos. 2 - David Kaspar (incumbent)

Pos. 3 - Bob Johnson, Michelle Thornberg

Pos. 5 - Laurie Choate (incumbent) (two-year unexpired term)

Seaside School District

Zone 1 Pos. 1 - Nancy Hauger, Jim Lent

Zone 4 Pos. 2 - Mark Truax (incumbent)

Zone 5 Pos. 1 - Steven C. Phillips (incumbent)

Warrenton-Hammond School District

Pos. 1 - Barbara Balensifer, Jan Glarum (incumbent)

Pos. 2 - Linda Dugan (incumbent)

Pos. 5 - Gladys Dyer, Dixie Dowaliby (incumbent), Andrew Sentgeorge

Knappa School District

Pos. 1 - Ben Bartlett (incumbent)

Pos. 2 - Ed Johnson, Richard Pomeroy

Pos. 3 - Dan Johnson, Anita Nichols (two-year unexpired term)

Jewell School District

Pos. 1 - Mike Carter, Ulrich (Oly) Schokelt, Ronald Tate, Carrie Thompson

Pos. 3 - Teri Greenwood, Pandyce Meeker, Matthew Samuelson

Pos. 5 - Steve Adamson, Karl Edwin Meier

Port of Astoria

Pos. 2 - Glenn Taggart (incumbent)(two-year unexpired term)

Pos. 3 - Jim Bergeron (incumbent)

Pos. 4 - Don McDaniel (incumbent)

Sunset Empire Transportation District

Pos. 1 - Victor Kee

Pos. 3 - Jack Harris (two-year unexpired term)

Pos. 5 - Rae Goforth

Pos. 6 - David Shannon

Pos. 7 - Keith Chandler, Marcia Fenske

Rural Law Enforcement District

Zone 3 - no filing

Zone 4 - no filing

Zone 5 - Michael Graham, Jim Near


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