The 1.5-mile Netul River Trail leading south from Fort Clatsop to the Netul Landing has been reopened after the recent winter storm, according to the National Park Service.

Park visitors are welcome to travel the graveled trail along the river, accessible from the park's Visitor Center, as well as the Netul Landing parking area. A short detour takes visitors around one section of the trail closed by a partially downed tree. The park's Visitor Center, the Lewis & Clark National Park Association Bookstore and the Fort Clatsop replica are open. Park hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily, except for Dec. 25 when the park is closed.

The 6.5-mile Fort to Sea Trail and all access points remain closed. Lewis and Clark National Historical Park Service staff and Clatsop County Sheriff deputies assisted hikers Wednesday afternoon who needed help coming off the Fort to Sea trail after their dog broke her leg. National Park Service staff reminds the public that the trail is blocked by downed trees, hanging limbs and dangerous snags. The closed sections include the Fort to Sea Trailhead near Fort Clatsop to the Clatsop Ridge Overlook; the Overlook to Perkins Road; the Overlook to the U.S. 101 underpass and the underpass to the Sunset Beach Recreation area.

"The section of the trail from Fort Clatsop Road to the Clatsop Ridge overlook is completely blocked and might take several months to open," says Superintendent David Szymanski. "We're working hard to reopen the entire Fort to Sea Trail."