SEASIDE - Clatsop Community College's new South County Center and Small Business Development Center is under construction and is due to be completed in October.

The new location, just north of Cannes Cinema on U.S. Highway 101 in Seaside, is more visible and easier for people to find than the facility at 1761 Holladay Drive. The two-story, 4,000-square-foot facility will provide 1,000-square feet more space than the current South County Campus, and will include three classrooms, an expanded computer lab and an elevator. The site will have approximately 50 parking spaces.

When the new campus opens in January, the old facilities will be available for Seaside High School to use. The building in which the new South County Center will be housed is being built by Oldstedt Construction, and the college will lease the space from the company. The college has worked closely with the builder to ensure the design of the new center provides the best facility for education and training.

College leaders say:

• More term-length and short-term classroom courses can be offered simultaneously.

• More courses can be offered that have either not been scheduled because of lack of space, or have been put in facilities that carry a rental cost.

• The larger computer lab can accommodate the growing ENCORE and continuing education computer courses, while still ensuring room for SBDC and credit courses at the same time.

• A strengthened English for Speakers of Other Languages program for the growing Hispanic population can be accommodated.

• Martial arts, yoga, and exercise classes can be accommodated.

Approximately 2,000 residents utilize the South County campus, including small business owners and professionals who attend training seminars and workshops at the center. The college is hiring a new assistant dean who will act as the SBDC director, and the staff says it looks forward to being able to better serve the needs of South County residents.


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