SEASIDE - Superintendent Doug Dougherty announced on Tuesday that Athletic Director Jason Boyd has developed a plan for the Seaside High School softball program to use Broadway Field.

In a press release, Boyd wrote, "with the addition of the new lights at Broadway Field” it could now be “the home site for all varsity softball, baseball, soccer, and football during the 2012-2013 school year."

The announcement came a week after Randy Anderson, whose daughter attends SHS, stated his plans to file a Title IX discrimination lawsuit, claiming that female players were unfairly denied use of the field.

Anderson would not comment on whether he still intending to seek legal action against the district in light of Boyd’s statement. But he did say, "This won't make any difference. They are still not fully in compliance because the summer girl teams are not yet playing on Broadway Field."

In a letter dated July 5, Albany attorney Paul B. Meadowbrook wrote, on behalf of Anderson:

“There appears to be Title IX violations regarding practice and competitive facilities, locker rooms, training facilities, equipment and supplies, travel and transportation, coaches and coaching facilities, scheduling of games and practice times publicity, funding and equal athletic participation opportunities.”

In response to Meadowbrook’s statement, Superintendent Dougherty wrote via email, “One of our goals as a District is to provide equitable opportunities for all students. At this time, I am in the process of investigating these issues and discussing this information with staff.”

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