OCEAN PARK — A touch of magic, reconsidered home décor with Northwest beach flair, original photography and an eclectic range of favorite finds from owner Bonnie Lou Cozby fills the intimate space of the newest Ocean Park shopping venue. Beach Home — Old & New opens May 23. Located at 1715 Bay Avenue No. 4, it is one of several newer shops calling the north end of the Long Beach Peninsula home.

This is not the first time out for Cozby. In 2000, she and husband Charlie opened Beach Home Collectibles in Seaview. The first shop carried many of the bits and pieces needed to repurpose furniture and home décor items. This new version concentrates on finished pieces and accessories (both old and new), original photography from both Charlie and Bonnie and a limited amount of contracted artisan work, along with a little magic.

“Who doesn’t love the thought of a little magic in their lives?” asks shopkeeper Cozby. “I’m not talking about thunder and lightning spells, just a little nudge in positive thinking, hopeful dreams and kindness in spirit … a little candlelight, some lovely smelling herbs and a wand or two,” she adds with a smile.

After the new shop is up and running, Cozby plans to add a service called A Second Look. Designed to work on a flat fee, per room basis, the concept is to give clients an easy to follow plan to make the best use of furnishings already in their homes. Increasing storage, function, flow and beauty by reconsidering the use of these furnishings is the goal. Using experience from several years as a decorator at four Seattle based, fine furniture stores, and the knowledge collected from 28 years of reestablishing homes as a Coast Guard wife, Cozby is confident in her ability.

“Downsizing is not a bad thing,” said Cozby referring to the large population of retirees moving to the coast, and more often than not, into smaller homes. “Moving to a smaller space does not mean you have to do with less style. You just have to use things in a smarter, multiple purpose way. Keep the things you love and cherish and make them work double for you.”

Beach Home — Old & New is open Thursdays through Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Starting June 19, Wednesdays will be added for the summer. To help celebrate the opening, a customer punch card is being offered. For every $20 spent, the customer receives a punch. Fill the card and redeem for the choice of two photo art greeting cards.

For more information on Beach Home — Old & New call 665-junk (5865), email beachhomeoldandnew@gmail.com or visit their Facebook page.