Oregon Public Broadcasting

New proposals for Northeast Portland schools could affect up to four different school buildings.

The Beverly Cleary K-to-8 program is overflowing its two buildings. Parents appear to favor a plan to convert a cafeteria, a band room, and a computer lab into classrooms at the current school buildings.

The alternative would temporarily close the Hollyrood building, and re-open the larger Rose City Park building.

A district memo from November said the need for upgrades meant Rose City Park couldnĀ¹t open by this fall.

The school was open from 2009 to 2012, while the Marysville School was rebuilt after a fire.

District spokesman Robb Cowie says Rose City Park could fit more than just the early grades from Beverly Cleary.

Cowie explained, "That's not enough to fully occupy a building the size of Rose City Park. So, co-location is a natural choice, but we haven't identified the program that could be sited there."

Parents suspect the district would move the ACCESS program for gifted students, which officials say can no longer fit at its current site.

This story originally appeared on Oregon Public Broadcasting.