If you've seen a large truck driving around recently with the acronym "SWAT" painted on the side, don't be worried, it's here to help. Instead of a special weapons and tactics vehicle, Jim Rogers, owner of Distinctive Carpet Care & More in Seaside, has created his own SWAT truck to come and save the day.

His "Smoke, Water and Trouble" truck, outfitted with the same level of preparedness as a SWAT truck, serves as a 24-hour emergency response vehicle to assist in the cleanup of any smoke or water-damaged building at a moment's notice.

"Everyone will experience a flood, water loss or fire damage at some point in their lifetime," said Rodgers, a retired cop and longtime Seaside business owner. "This truck is equipped with everything needed to de-flood, dry out and cleanup your house after a fire, flood or other unfortunate event.

Rogers bought the 28-foot long 1994 Grumman Olson Step Van after seeing it for sale on the side of the road. He retrofitted the van to house an industrial water vacuum, 12 air movers, three dehumidifiers, two air scrubbers, hard hats, disaster suits, a 5500-watt generator, hydro sensors, an ozone air purifier and a highly-sophisticated thermal imaging machine.

"The vehicle helps us to get to the customer sooner, without the possibility of forgetting anything," he said. "It is beneficial to us and the customer."

Rogers invested $50,000 into the vehicle in order to expand the water and smoke restoration side of his business. He opened Distinctive Carpet Care & More 19-years ago as a basic carpet cleaning company. Through demand, the company has grown to offer full water and smoke restoration services.

Distinctive Carpet Care & More is located at 407 S. Holladay St. in Seaside. For more information, or 24-hour emergency cleaning service, call (503) 738-3007.