CANYONVILLE - Leona Vanderhoof will have to wait a little while before she paraglides over the beach at Seaside.

The 100-year old Forest Glen Senior Residence in Canyonville, was to have taken to the sky Friday, Aug. 19 to celebrate her upcoming 101st birthday in September. But Vanderhoof suffered a fall and broke her hip Aug. 15.

"She was so upset and angry," said Cindy Berd, administrator at Forest Glen Senior Residence. "She told the hospital workers that they could do all they wanted with her but she needed to be out of the hospital by Friday because she had an appointment to paraglide in Seaside."

But Vanderhoof won't be able to keep her date with Brad and Maren Hill, at Discover Paragliding of Warrenton anytime soon. She's recovering in the hospital following surgery for the broken hip and faces rehabilitation after she is released from the hospital.

"She is devastated," said Berd. "She fought with everybody. She even told us not to call 911 until Saturday because she had to fly."

Brad Hill said they will work to make Vanderhoof's dream of paragliding happen once Leona is back on her feet.

"She will be like the come back queen because she is insisting that she is going to fly," said Berd. "Leona is bound and determined. I think that's how she became 100."

There are two residents, including Vanderhoof, at the Canyonville center that are 100, and two that are 101. One woman who is 100 wants to ride a camel. Another wants to ride a four-wheeler, and one who wants to ride horses.

"We try to help them to live life the fullest," said Berd. "I think they have just never stopped living life and that's why they have lived so long. They are stubborn. They aren't going to give up on living. They enjoy life and they enjoy people. It is very sad that often the elderly are just left alone to live their life in solicitude."

Vanderhoof celebrates her 101st birthday Sept. 19.

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