SEASIDE – There will be no Seaside Farmers Market this summer according to the organizers of the event at the Sunset Empire Parks and Recreation District (SEPRD).

“We had been talking with the Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church who wanted to run a mid week Farmers Market at their downtown location,” said Mary Blake, SEPRD general manager. “We told them having two markets didn’t make sense. We were hoping they would consider taking over our Farmers Market because we simply don’t have the resources to handle it this summer.”

But after careful review the church group decided not to pursue development of the Farmers Market this year.

“We had wanted to do a Wednesday morning Farmers Market,’ said Jan Kenny with Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church. “We would bring people in to help the merchants in mid week. But when we got into the permits and legal requirements we decided it was too much to take on this year. We may do this next year.”

SEPRD set up the first Seaside Farmers Market last July and managed it each Saturday for 12 weeks at the TLC parking lot just off U.S. Highway 101 in north Seaside. The hope was to have 10 farmers represented at the Market.

“But we got into the season late and only had two farms sign up and pay the $300 fee,” Blake said. “There was also some concern that the Market was too far away from downtown.”

A few local teens and their families were able to also set up first-time business booths at the Market. But attendance was light and the costs were mounting.

“We didn’t make any profits and we spent $3,706 in staff time and materials in the Farmers Market operations,” Blake said.

But she and Kenny remain optimistic that the concept of the Farmers Market is positive.

“It was successful in raising public awareness, giving people another choice to support a local farmer or a teenager launching a new business and building community,” Blake said.

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