Cramped operation not likely to change locations despite hazardsSEASIDE - Don Larson, mayor of Seaside, wants to replace the aging post office on Columbia Street.

But post offices are federally funded and Larson is having trouble getting the money.

"We fit inside the inside of the building," said Pam Peebles, the Seaside officer of the post. "We're competing for money across the country for a new post office, and there are other post offices in much worse shape than Seaside."

The view from the customer exit onto Columbia Street is blocked by the Funland Arcade building, Larson said.

"You can't see," he said. "You have to just pull out."

He is also concerned that mail truck drivers pulling out onto Avenue A behind the post office may not see pedestrians coming. "There are kids, adults, all ages on the sidewalk," Larson said.

He said collision repair businesses in Seaside make a lot of money from the post office parking lot. He also pointed out that the drop box in front of the post office is impossible for a driver to reach.

"We need help," Larson said. "We compete with the states around us, but obviously there is money available."

Larson cited Marblemount, Wash., population 582, which has just received a new post office. He said at 2 p.m. one afternoon, no one was there except for an employee.

Peebles said Seaside is on the list for a new post office, but has to fit federal criteria, including having an operation too big for the building.

LAUREL EDDY - The Daily Astorian

Mail trucks exiting behind the building could strike unsuspecting pedestrians because of the blind corner, said Seaide Mayor Don Larson."It would be very nice to have a new post office," Peebles said. "The parking lot is not the best situation."

If Mike Davies, who owns the Subway next door, decided to expand his building, the post office would lose its entrance, Larson said. Instead, Subway allows postal customers to use its spaces.

"We can thank Mike Davies for being such a gentleman," Larson said.

Larson also said the building is too crowded, doesn't have enough ventilation for the employees and needs more P.O. boxes and employee parking.

"It's not just about having a beautiful post office, it's about having a functional one," Larson said. He is appealing to U.S. Sens. Ron Wyden and Gordon Smith and Rep. David Wu and urges citizens to call or write to them.

"I need all the help I can get," Larson said.


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