SEASIDE — The Rotary Club of Seaside seeks to recognize one business or organization and one individual who demonstrate a strong commitment to practicing “High Ethical Standards and Public Values.” This is a community-wide award, and all nominees are welcome.

Any person can make a nomination. Coast Weekend readers are welcome to review and nominate one business or organization and one individual they feel would be qualified to receive this award. Please provide validations, examples or supporting materials in the nomination.

The following are the qualities and traits that will determine who receives these two awards; please consider these, and explain how the prospective award winner meets these, in your nomination.

Business or Organization Ethical Standards Explained:

The nominee should meet several or perhaps all of these: a) are faithful to the ethical codes of their vocation, of the law, and the moral standards of our community, b) are fair and honest in the workplace, with competitors, in advertising, with customers and the public, c) give honor to and respect other vocations and individuals, d) voluntarily serve in their vocation, community or in international settings and, e) have earned a reputation for high ethical standards and trust among business associates and in the community, which reflects well on our community as a whole.

Individual Ethical Standards Explained:

The nominee: a) is truthful and exhibits a strong standard of ethical conduct that guides their behavior, b) promotes high ethical standards in formal or informal ways among others, c) is a frequent and generous volunteer in one or more organizations or causes, and d) build goodwill and better friendship among others. The nominee evidences some or all of these core values: honesty, compassion, courage, integrity, respect, fairness, accountability, openness and trust.

Please also consider and explain how your nominee exhibits the following traits associated with this award:

• They practice truth in advertising and promotion

• They promote fair business practices

• They provide a benchmark for ethical behavior

• They take pride in their work, and the work of others

• The build goodwill and friendship

• They finish what they start

• They keep their promises

Nominations and supporting materials are due no later than April 30. Send by email to or by U.S. mail to Rotary Ethics Award, P.O. Box 634, Seaside, OR 97138.

The Seaside Rotary Board of Directors will review all nominations, make their final selection and announce the recipients during the Seaside Rotary Club meeting held at the Shilo Inn Ocean Front Hotel June 6. There will also be press releases and general community recognition of these awards.

For additional information or questions, contact Russ Vandenberg at 503-738-8585 or


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