Death row inmate Gary Haugen is scheduled to undergo a psychological evaluation Tuesday. Haugen wants to drop all appeals of his sentence, and proceed to execution. Kristian Foden-Vencil reports. 

Haugen is on death row for the murder of a fellow inmate. He was originally imprisoned in 1981 for beating his girlfriend's mother to death. He has said he wants to die and now a Marion County judge is trying to figure out whether he's mentally competent to drop all his appeals and opt for execution.

Defense attorney and death sentence expert, Dennis Balske, says Haugen will have a battery of complex tests.

"Just because somebody appears to be normal, what we're finding out in the law these days is, you can never assume your client is competent, even if he can sit down or she can sit down and have an intelligent conversation with you," Balske says. "That doesn't answer the question."

A neuropsychologist has already examined Haugen and found he suffers from 'a delusional disorder.' But the evaluation was ordered by Haugen's former lawyers and he has fought to keep it out of court.