TILLAMOOK - The Oregon Department of Transportation is installing cameras at several state highway and city street intersections in downtown Tillamook this month to monitor traffic and safety issues. The cameras will not be used for law enforcement purposes. Instead, information gathered from monitoring the cameras will be included in the Tillamook Transportation Refinement Plan.

The purpose of the plan is to find short and long-range solutions for several transportation issues that have been identified by Tillamook's Advisory Committee. Those issues include concerns regarding traffic speeds, pedestrian safety and turning movements at specific locations.

The Refinement Plan project will look at making downtown safer for bicycles and pedestrians. Possible solutions include more visible crosswalk markings, enhanced street lighting and changes in signal timing that could allow pedestrians to cross more conveniently. The final plan will contain recommendations determined to be best suited for downtown conditions, which are also consistent with ODOT highway engineering standards.

The Refinement Plan project will also look at improving downtown parking. Having convenient downtown parking is important to the success of downtown retail and commercial establishments and also to making the highway function efficiently, ODOT said. The project will provide an analysis of current conditions and recommendations for improving the utilization of downtown parking, and making it more friendly, both to visitors (including RVs) and for employees of downtown businesses.

The project consultants will provide options for a number of possible improvements, which will be evaluated by both the Project Advisory Committee and the general public during public workshops.

Additional information regarding the Tillamook Refinement Plan can be obtained by contacting Valerie Grigg Devis, ODOT Project Manager for the project, at (503) 986-5751.