WARRENTON - While parking her brand new Ford Explorer in the Main Street Market parking lot Monday morning, an Astoria woman accidentally hit the side of the Iredale Inn in downtown Warrenton, caving in part of the brick wall.

The driver, Doris Nygaard, 76, was not hurt in the 11:15 a.m. accident, and neither was anyone inside the restaurant, a Warrenton Police Department spokeswoman said. She said no charges were filed against Nygaard.

"A vehicle tried to make us into a drive-thru," joked Gloria Painter, who manages the Iredale Inn bar. The business is owned by her father, former Warrenton mayor Paul Rodriguez. Painter said she and her father were sitting at a table when they heard a big boom. "I went outside and there was a vehicle inside the building," Painter said.

The impact caved in the wall of the men's room, just as a regular customer was leaving it. The narrow escape "kind of shook him up a bit," Painter said.

Nygaard had purchased the SUV the day before. Police reported that she told them she was not used to driving it and her foot had slipped off the brake accidentally. Painter said Nygaard's vehicle had "minimal damage," and at first she didn't seem to notice what had happened and was preparing to go shopping. Those SUVs are tough, Painter said. She said the brick wall sustained several thousand dollars in damage, but the restaurant will remain open while repairs are being made.


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