Members of the Oregon Federation of Women’s Clubs gathered May 18 and 19 in Astoria. OFWC outgoing State President, Agnes Petersen of St. Helens Zenith Women’s Club, had chosen unity in diversity as her theme when installed in 2010, and the convention honored the theme by bringing together women from all across Oregon.

Invited attendees included General Federation of Women’s Clubs Inc. International President Elect Mary Ellen Laister of Arizona and Ann Bain, president of the Greater Bahama American Woman’s Club, who spoke of the importance of bringing together all types of people to share ideas, cultures, traditions and diversity in general. Laister stressed the importance of unity among all, and that women hold the power to change the world through their actions and service.

The Clatsop County Women’s Resource Center and the domestic violence shelter received the results of a service project that prepared 24 bags of materials needed by clients of the shelter. OFWC members donated numerous supplies, including toiletries, shampoo, sheets and towels for the shelter’s use.

Laister closed the convention with the installation of new State President Jamie Rockwell of Salem, who is a member of the GFWC Independence Polk County Service Club. Outgoing President Petersen was presented with the Clubwoman of the Year award for her dedication to the ideals of GFWC.

Entertainment was provided by Lee Stromquist and “All That Jazz,” a local combo.

It is anticipated that a new OFWC club will form in the Clatsop County area. For information, go to


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