An Oregon State Police captain who was placed on administrative leave at the end of April has been accused of fueling a personal vehicle using a department-issued fuel card, prosecutors announced Wednesday

According to Oregon State Police, the Linn County District Attorney's Office has officially filed six charges of official misconduct and theft against Capt. Jeff Randall Lanz, 39.

Officials acknowledged earlier this month that Lanz was removed from duties amid the criminal investigation. The substance of the charges was not officially made public until Wednesday.

Lanz worked in OSP as the head of the Office of Professional Standards, the unit that investigates wrongdoing within the department. He was placed on paid leave on April 29 and an OSP major from outside of Salem initiated a criminal investigation.

Findings were forwarded and reviewed by Linn County Senior Deputy District Attorney George Eder.

The six counts against Lanz are linked to alleged incidents from Oct. 8, 2013, to April 14 of this year.

The charge of official misconduct, a misdemeanor, applies only to public servants.

Public servants can be found guilty of official misconduct if they abuse the power of their office or position either to benefit themselves or harm someone else, according to Oregon law.

Official misconduct often is added to other charges against a public servant accused of crime. Even if the person is not convicted of the alleged criminal activity, jurors still might find they had committed official misconduct.

The worst penalties for a conviction of official misconduct are often professional: A government official might lose his job or find a once-promising career suddenly at a dead end.

Lanz joined state police in January 1999 and was promoted to the position of lieutenant in February 2008 as commander at the Oregon State University office.

In July 2011, he was appointed director of Office of Professional Standards and was promoted to captain July 1, 2012, Hastings said.

The Office of Professional Standards has four major components: risk management, internal investigations, human resources and training., (503) 399-6714 or follow on @Joce_DeWitt

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