Here's an update on Matt Hill and Stephanie Tait, pictured, of Run 4 One Planet. The pair stopped at two schools in Astoria near the end of their 11,000 mile run around North America (literally), which concluded in Vancouver, B.C., May 8.

In Hill's blog, there's an entry called "Run Out Of a Turtle Lovin' Town by the Chief of Police and His Wife, in Astoria Oregon!" ( Huh?

On April 18, Hill and Tait left Astoria to head home, and ran across the Astoria-Megler Bridge with a police escort. "How'd we get to do this, you may be asking?" Hill wrote.

While he and Tait were presenting at Lewis & Clark Elementary School, Hill asked rhetorically if anyone knew the police who could get us across the bridge, "not even thinking for a second that it would work."

Carla Oja, a teacher at the school, "came rushing up with the news that her husband Alan was indeed, assistant chief of police and she'd already called him to line it up!"

It seems Oja remembered Hill from when he played Raphael in "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III" (1993). While on location in Astoria filming the movie, Oja reminded Hill that he had kissed her daughter. "I must add that Carla's daughter was all but 4 years old 16 years ago ... My, how time flies!" Hill noted.

"Thanks Astoria," Hill added, "we think you're all pretty cool and look forward to the next time our paths cross again."